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The beginning of our new series - Halo Helps!

We will be taking you through the inspirational stories of some of our amazing members. Including stories of weight loss, radical life changes and just plain old getting active again...

Teresa trains at Ogmore Valley Life Centre multiple times per week, but her story didn't start like it looks now. 8 years ago she was 11st 11lb heavier than she is now, a radical weight loss was achieved through Weight Watchers, personal training and eventually classes and gym at Halo.


“I have to be honest I was nervous about joining a gym. Not only because I didn’t like exercise back then – I never exercised back then – but because I was carrying too much weight and thought everyone would judge me.

“I couldn’t have been more wrong. The staff at Halo were so welcoming; they really understood how hard it was for me. They encouraged me to try the treadmill, just for five minutes at first and then building up my time every workout. By the third visit I was hooked. I couldn’t believe how quickly I started to feel the benefit – my breathing was easier, my spirits lifted, my confidence grew.  Before too long I was running, going to a dance class, lifting weights…

“It took time to lose the weight, but it was worth it. It is too easy to say you haven’t enough hours in the day to exercise, but I’ve learned it’s okay to put yourself first and do something just for you. These days I do the local 3k park run every week and love it. And this year I am training for two half marathons to raise money for charity (Cancer Research UK and Mind), and to challenge myself.

“Everyone comments on how different I look, but it’s the way I feel that matters more. I feel happy, content, full of energy. I feel good about the way my son, 4, sees me. Now he wants to run with me! And I feel fabulous about the way I see myself.” Check out the video above to see Teresa talking us through her journey.

Stay tuned for some more inspiring stories. Maybe you will be featured one day? Let us know, how has Halo helped you? use the hashtag #HaloHelps.

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