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Stacey is in her 20’s and a member at our Halo centre in Ross on Wye. She has been losing weight, having fun and making friends. We caught up with her to hear her story.


Sporty start.

Through her teens, Stacey was a keen netball player and played regularly with a team. SHe loved the game and played regular matches and training sessions. Sadly, she injured her knee and required surgery on it. Not only was the netball team keeping Stacey fit, it was also a big part of her social life. So when her injury stopped her from playing she found that soon her social life changed too.

Stacey had surgery to her knee which was successful, but came with a recovery period. During this time she became quite down. The recovery meant she couldn’t do much exercise so she started staying in more. She started to eat poorly and it wasn’t too long before she started to put on weight. Her confidence was starting to come down too.

Holiday snaps.

The family booked a big holiday to Florida in USA. Stacey couldn’t wait to get out there but wanted to change her weight before going. She was feeling she had put on weight and didn’t want to go out to Florida without losing it. So, she started a diet and going back to the Halo gym in Ross.  

Florida was everything they hoped it would be and the family had a great time. Stacey had lost some weight and felt good. When they got back to the UK Stacey struggled to get back in to the gym. Looking at the photos from the holiday, she felt that she was still heavier than she wanted to be. Stacey needed help to lose the weight and get back to her usual self.

Helping hand.

Stacey went to Slimming World and was shocked to find that she was the heaviest she had ever been. This was the spark that started off an amazing streak of determination in her. At the beginning of 2018 she started coming to the gym - a lot. With the help of the staff she got all the support, advice and motivation to make the change. Stacey loved the classes, especially spin, and found that she was making lots of friends and felt really welcome in them.

The results are in.

Soon Stacey started to see the results. Since she started working out in Halo in 2018 she has lost 4 st. She looks and feels fabulous. Not only has she had great success in her weight and fitness but she is much more confident and happier in herself. Confidence was a low point for Stacey but she feels a 100% improvement, which is fantastic. 2 years ago Stacey found it hard to run for 2 mins. This year she completed Halo’s Furlong Fury, 5km obstacle race with friends from the Halo centre in Ross. In the past she would not have had the confidence to even think about the event, never mind taking it on!

So how did Halo help?

Halo was friendly, welcoming and never judged me” Stacey recalls “All the staff and other gyms users and so friendly - it really encourages you to come to the gym”.

“It’s the same for the classes. Everybody gets involved and you meet so many new people”

We asked Stacey what she would say to someone thinking about coming to the gym?

“Just do it...just come along and let the staff and the centre do the rest”

“The gym is a really fun place for me and i actually get a buzz from coming and working out”

What’s the best thing about Halo?

“The social aspect is fantastic and i feel the best thing about coming. I wasn’t really social at all in the past and had lost all my confidence - coming here turned that around and makes exercise fun”


If you have been inspired by Stacey’s story get in touch with us on 01432 842 075 or visit your local Halo centre