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Brian is 62 years old and lives in Wales. He and his 19 year old grandson Rhys Jones have been on an incredible weight loss journey and we caught up with Brian to tell us about it.

Photo of Brian and Rhys at a winery

In the beginning...

About a year ago I was an obese and unfit 61 year old who didn’t really look after himself. I played all sorts of sport in my younger days but for the last 30 odd years did nothing remotely like exercise. 

My daughter lives on the other side of the world in New Zealand with her husband and my other 6yr old grandson Alex. On a visit about 2 years ago we went to a theme park and Alex wanted to go on the rides.

We were having a great! One ride Alex wanted to go on needed and adult to be with him - no problem, I stepped up. We were in the queue for ages, everybody getting excited as we got closer to the front. The ride looked great fun. And then sitting in the roller coaster, to my horror I was too fat to engage the safety bar and without it being engaged the ride wouldn’t work. Can you imagine? Luckily there was a man with his son who looked after Alex so he didn’t miss out - but i did.

So then came the walk of shame back down the stairway. That’s when I knew something drastic had to be done.


And, so it began...

When I got back to Wales I started Weight Watchers with Heather at Nantymoel RFC and found I was 19 and a half stone.

I dieted for a few weeks and realised that I needed to exercise too. That’s when I joined Halo at Ogmore Vale Life Centre where Ivor, Jordan and the rest of the staff have been amazing offering advice, encouragement and showing me how to get the best out of the equipment.

The weight started to drop which in turn inspired my oldest grandson Rhys who was a very overweight teenager at 26 stone. Rhys also joined Weight Watchers and Halo. Together our journey became exciting and very beneficial. As it stands today (2nd May 2018) Rhys has lost an amazing 7.21stone (45.8kg) and I have lost 5.32stone (33.79kg) and we are both much fitter and healthier for it.

This amazing achievement has been with the help and support of a balanced, healthy diet from Weight Watchers and regular exercise and swimming at Halo Leisure.


We are so proud to have helped Brian and Rhys in their fantastic journey.

At Halo we are so much more than just a gym - we understand that success is not just how much you can lift but how much you can change. If this story has inspired you to make a change, head over to your local Halo centre or give us a call on 01432 872 075.