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Transparency; sustainability; social responsibility. These 21st century buzzwords are the cornerstones of thriving organisations today. Recent research has revealed that more than four in ten employees want to work for organisations that are geared towards positive change.

 At the same time, people are realising that businesses really can, and want to, make a positive mark on the world. They are choosing to invest in organisations that truly care - like Halo.


More than just a gym


At Halo, we can proudly say that profit has never been the primary word on our lips. A proud social enterprise and registered charity, community is the very foundation upon which we are built. As such, any money we make goes straight back into our member’s pockets. Not literally, of course. All our pennies are poured back into improving our facilities, helping us keep our costs low and providing you with excellent value for money.


At any one time, we see a huge mix of people coming through our doors. We’ve re-invested millions over the years in order to ensure an environment that caters to this diversity. We want our customers to love sport and fitness as much as we do, by helping them find the sport or exercise that grabs them and stops them from ever looking back.


We are more than just a gym. By investing back into our centres, we are able to provide important benefits that ensure happier, healthier communities, such as:


Health partnerships

We work with a wide range of health professionals to help bolster the recovery process from ill-health using fitness and exercise. At the same time, our QUIT and GET FIT programme provides excellent support for hopeful smokers looking to break the habit.


Specialised membership packages

Everyone has the right to a healthier lifestyle regardless of age, income, ability or disability. We have removed any hurdles in the way of wellbeing, to make sure our life-changing sport and exercise programmes are available to everyone.


Specialised equipment

A huge part of making fitness accessible is providing the tools to enable this. From toning suites to power assisted machines and pool hoists, to autism and dementia-friendly sessions, we’re here to give every bit of support to those who need it.


Swimming safety

Our swimming lessons are about more than mastering the strokes. Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental deaths in children. We provide hugely important lessons into safe swimming, whilst having a great time and encouraging kids to love the water.


We couldn’t have made it this far without the help and commitment of our loyal customers! If you want to be a part of the Halo family and make a difference to your community, why not get started for FREE with a 7-day free pass? Find out more here.