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Halo Leisure, the social enterprise and registered health and fitness charity, welcomed employees from across 22 sites in England and Wales to its annual Staff Awards evening on Saturday 25th November. The second event of its kind to take place, the awards celebrated the effort put into the organisation by its hard-working employees.

Halo staff swapped their trainers, trunks, t-shirts and trackies for ties, tux, suits, frocks and stilettos for the evening, which proved to be a roaring success from start to finish.

With so many fantastic employees doing such a great job, each and every one deserved an award. But, of course, it wouldn’t be a very interesting night if that was the case. So in no particular order, the winners were:


Volunteer of the Year 2017: Julie O’Connor

Julie is a regular sight in the pool at Pencoed where she is a popular swimming teacher.  From everyone at Halo, especially those you have introduced to the world of water, thank you for all your time and effort . We are proud to have you part of the team.



Halo Leisure’s Manager of the Year 2017: Karl Paterson

Karl’s half-full approach to life and management makes him a standout leader at Halo centres in Maesteg, Ogmore and Garw. A self-confessed disciple of Disney, ‘nothing is too much trouble’ for Karl when it comes to supporting the local community to get more physically active.



Halo Leisure’s Employee of the Year 2017: Stuart James

As a 16-year-old member of the Welsh youth triathlon team, Stuart knew his future lay in leisure. Lifeguarding was the starting point for a varied career in the industry which has led to Stuart recently being appointed as Customer Services Manager, with a specialism in operations, at Bridgend Life Centre. We’re lucky to have you, Stuart.



Halo Leisure’s Outstanding Achievement 2017: Dana Machackova

“I have the best job I could wish for” says Dana who is a popular member of the fitness team at Halo centre in Ross-On-Wye. Dana combines her love of sport both professionally and personally. As a fitness professional, she encourages people to get the most from their workouts and, on a personal front, pushes herself to amazing achievements whether in the pool or on the road or bike. Finishing 13th in her first Ironman led to Dana qualifying for European middle distance events. More recently she took the Best Women top 10 position in the British Championships. She is now part of Team GB and has her sights set on representing her country in Ibiza next year.  Dana - we are honoured and proud to have you part of Team Halo. Good luck…….

dana (1).jpg


Halo Leisure’s Health and Safety Award: Bridgnorth Leisure Centre

The centre has recently undergone a major refurbishment. Despite all the building work and disruption, the team worked tirelessly to make sure the facilities were clean, safe and welcoming whilst we had the builders in. With the new gym, exercise studio and changing facilities all in place, the team are just as passionate about helping existing customers maintain their motivation as well as encouraging even more new people to get more active more often.

Halo Leisure’s Customer Choice Award 2017: Ian Scrivens

What can we say? The staff and customers at Halo Ross-On-Wye just love Ian. From swimming lessons and gym workouts to group exercise classes, Ian has helped hundreds of local people of all ages and abilities to introduce physical activity into their lives and maintain an exercise routine.  Customers call him the ‘all-rounder’ as there isn’t a role he isn’t involved with or passionate about. We would like to thank Ian for his role in helping more people get more active more often.



Halo Leisure’s Centre of Year 2017: Ross-On-Wye Swimming Pool

Ross has long been recognised as outstanding. Several years ago, the centre was runner-up in UK Active’s National Leisure Centre of the Year.  Customers are greeted with a smile and their first name - giving a real community feel to the place and placing the centre at the top of Halo’s customer service rankings. With every aspect of operations from front of house, swimming lessons, gym workouts, group exercise classes, health and safety and housekeeping to maintenance being carried out to the highest standards - it is no surprise that Ross is the 2017 centre of the year. Keep up the great work.




Halo Leisure's Long Service Award: Sally Davis

From a career starting in Bridgend County Borough Councils leisure department to her current role as manager of Halo centres in Ynysawdre, Pencoed and Pyle - Sally has been committed to helping local people get more active for 25 years. We are so very proud to have such pedigree on our team.




Halo Leisure’s Innovation Champion 2017: Cathy Fletcher

As an organisation, innovation is at our core. We are always looking at new ways to help us meet our mission of “Creating Healthier Communities”. Cathy, in particular, is passionate on this front and constantly comes up with new ideas, products, campaigns, offers and services to make our customers get the most from their workouts and enjoy their Halo experience. Thanks Cathy!




Don’t they scrub up well? We would love to hear your ideas on how we can get more people more active more often - share your thoughts at