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Social Swimming, Fun Swims, Swim Fot Fitness, Aqua Group Exercise Classes - just some of the activities that take place in our pools. VIEW OUR POOL TIMETABLES HERE

Before you plan your swim please read our Swimming admission policy


Pool Session Descriptions

Swim For Fitness

Allows competent swimmers to swim continuously in a lane for up to one hour. You can bring your own training accessories such as fins and paddles to help enhance your session. Ideal for swimmers training for an event or those wanting to improve overall fitness levels, swimming speed and endurance.

Social Swimming

A social swim session you can share with friends, family or colleagues where end-of-length pauses to relax, chat and catch your breath are encouraged. If you enjoy a relaxed swim at a gentler pace (with no structured swimming lanes) or maybe its been some time since you last swum and need to build up your water confidence, technique or fitness then this is the session for you.

Quiet Time

We make the following small adjustments to create a welcoming, sensory friendly, gentle and relaxed experience:

  • No public announcements on the tannoy system (except in an emergency)
  • No music
  • Lower capacity so fewer swimmers in the pool
  • No jumping or diving
  • No shouting or lifeguard whistles (except in an emergency)

Reducing sensory distractions supports a feeling of safety, peace and calm which we hope will encourage people with dementia and those with autism and their families or simply someone wanting a quieter low key session to enjoy swimming.

Swim Coach

Coaching is the way to build technique, speed, endurance and overall fitness. Led by an instructor who devises the content of the hours training session for you to follow. Sessions take place in slow, medium and fast lanes, so you can take things at your own pace. Poolside tips, extra motivation and support are all part of the package.

Wet Workout

These are group exercise classes that bring all the joy, benefit and laughter of the group sessions to the pool, while you benefit from the water's supportive low-impact effects and delicious cooling effects as you work out.

Family Time

You’ll hear squeals of delight and splashes of you bond as a family, build memories, get fit and have fun. Floats and toys are sure to keep the whole family entertained. Available to family groups only. Not suitable for lone swimmers.

Swim Tots

A magical way to introduce babies (from 6 weeks) and toddlers to water in a supervised, fun, supportive way with instructors on hand to guide you through the session. Perfect for pre-schoolers and their grown ups who join them in the water . Music, toys, floats, rhymes and games will keep you and your small swimmers well and truly entertained. No need to book just turn up and enjoy.

Preschool Pool

A magical way to introduce babies (from 6 weeks) and toddlers to water. Perfect for pre-schoolers and their grown ups. Music, toys and floats will help you keep your small swimmers well and truly entertained. No need to book just turn up and enjoy.

Fun Time

Grown ups - take a back seat and let your 8-12 year olds plan their own pool fun and aqua activities. A mix of toys, floats, games, inflatables, slides, waves and music will keep them well and truly entertained. Don’t worry about not joining them in the water, lifeguards are on duty throughout the session.

Halo Swim School

Our team of trained swimming teachers offer a superb inclusive swimming programme. The programme's are available to children (from 4 months), and the classes ensure improved water confidence and swimming technique while allowing children to progress at their own pace and most of all have fun. Not sure which lesson is right? Contact the pool to arrange a free swimming skills assessment so we can recommend the next step in developing the child’s swimming.