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We are seeing more people quit smoking forever with the help of Halo’s QUIT and GET FIT programme, and as soon as they do their health starts to improve, and their risk of smoking related diseases starts to fall. Are you ready to join them?
This FREE 12 week programme is open to anyone and offers confidential advice from a trained Stop Smoking Adviser plus essential ongoing support via weekly drop-in sessions, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, and Carbon Monoxide level testing so you can chart your progress.
We'll reward you at week 4 and week 8 with a £10 Halo gift voucher which you can use towards your future help, for example via Halo membership, a personal training session, goodies from the golf shop or a pair of swimming goggles...  
When you make it to the end of the programme and reach week 12 you can pick up a FREE month of Halo membership so you can continue to get fit and feel great.
WANT A PIECE OF THE ACTION? Give us a call 01746 860 000 or email