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SPARKS-LOGOIf you love gymnastics or are inspired by this beautiful way of working out come along and have a look at the stunning new gymnastics centre at Hereford Leisure Centre and sign up for one of the sessions now available.

Junior Sparkles 3-5 years

Ready for the apparatus? These 55 minute elementary gymnastics session are for 3-5 year olds and uses movement, dance and some apparatus. All new gymnasts will be assessed and put into the correct day and time for their age and ability.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm
Fridays 11.30am & 12.30pm

Price You need to book and pay in advance (by direct debit). £31.20 per month payable by direct debit or £20.55 for Easy card holders (for those claiming Council Tax Reduction, Housing Benefit or Income Based Employment Support Allowance).

Want a piece of the action? Call Hereford Leisure Centre on 01432 278178

Junior Sparklers 4-5 years

Watch them move! These 55 minute sessions aims to improve elementary gym skills through movement, dance and use of apparatus. Fabulous fun and fitness for 4-5 year olds. All new gymnasts will be assessed and put into the correct day and time for their age and ability.

You need to book and pay in advance (by direct debit). £31.20 per month payable by direct debit or £20.55 for Easy card holders (for those claiming Council Tax Reduction, Housing Benefit or Income Based Employment Support Allowance).

Want a piece of the action? Call Hereford Leisure Centre on 01432 278178

Sparklers 5+ years

For children who want to learn more and develop posture, balance and tone, this super 55 minute sessions are built around British Gymnastic coaching guidelines. Suitable for children from 5 years. All new gymnasts will be assessed and put into the correct day and time for their age and ability.

You need to book and pay in advance (by direct debit). £31.20 per month payable by direct debit or £20.55 for Easy card holders (for those claiming Council Tax Reduction, Housing Benefit or Income Based Employment Support Allowance).

Want a piece of the action? Call Hereford Leisure Centre on 01432 278178

Hereford Sparks Gymnastics Etiquette- here

The centre – in a huge space in the newly refurbished leisure centre – has been created with the help of a £500,000 grant from Sport England.

Did you know?

Gymnastics not only provides you with a good overall workout, it improves focus and concentration. Great for growing kids who also experience the benefits of patience and perseverance as they master skills on the floor or bar.

Gymnastics will improve your performance in other sports too by improving overall fitness, strength, balance and body control.

Hello from Halo’s Personal Trainers

Hereford's Personal Trainers

Gareth Bennett

Telephone Reception: 01432 272512
Centre: Hereford Leisure Pool

My name is Gareth and I am an established personal trainer in my local area. With over 12 years dedicated experience working in the Health and Fitness Industry, I have gained a wealth of expertise and knowledge to adapt and perfect a range of training disciplines to best support your training needs - whether you are an elite athlete, a seasoned gym user or if even the thought of training breaks you into a sweat!.....I can help you to reach your goals in a positive, progressive and motivational manner!

Providing a service throughout Herefordshire and surrounding areas, Train GB offers a range of bespoke personal training services to individuals, couples, small and large groups, as well as the Corporate Health and Fitness market. Individual to your specific aims and goals, your personalised fitness journey will be designed and tailored to meet your needs, whether that is a personal trainer by your side motivating you every step of the way, or via weekly/ monthly communications and support that meet your lifestyle requirements.

What you can expect from Train GB?

From our Initial Consultation whether that is face to face, by email or via the telephone Train GB will assess your goals, aspirations and what you want to achieve, designing an individual Personal Training / Nutrition programme that will propel you towards your overall health and fitness objectives. Your bespoke plan will be continually reviewed and updated to progress as you progress.

Train GB’s promise to you

Regardless of what you want to achieve I have demonstrable experience of working with a variety of people to ensure they achieve peak performance in their chosen fields and goals

A few of my athletic clients include:

  • Team GB Paralympics athletes – who I support with strength and conditioning training (specifically for both Football and Goal ball- head strength & conditioning coach)
  • Hereford Rowing Club - Strength and conditioning work
  • Hereford United – Group strength and conditioning sessions

Supplementing this I also work with a variety of people to help achieve their personal goals, whether this is weight loss, fitness/ endurance, change of physique, recovery from illness/ injury, or just because they enjoy a professional and enjoyable approach to fitness.

Level 1- Strength and Conditioning Coach
Level 3- Personal Training
Level 3- Diploma in Personal Training
Level 3- Advanced Gym Instructor
Level 3- Nutrition and Weight Management
Level 3- Anatomy and Physiology
Level 3- Pilates
Level 2 -Coaching Fitness
Outdoor Personal Training
Certificate in Core Stability 
Pre and Post Natal
Exercise Psychology
Powerplate Trainer
Wright foundation GP Referral
YMCA GP Referral
GNVQ- Sports Coaching
AVCE- Sports coaching
Community Sports Leader Award

Specialisations Nutritional Analysis
Circuit Training
Weight Loss and Toning 
Cardiovascular Training
Muscle Building
Core Strength & Stability
Strength and Conditioning
Boxing Training
Nutritional Advice
Trx Suspension Training

Meriel Yearnshire

Telephone Reception: 01432 278178
Centre: Hereford Leisure Centre

My name is Meriel and I have been working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for 18 years. My main passion is teaching group exercise especially Pilates and Spin, and working one to one with people helping them achieve their nutritional and fitness goals.

I obtained most of my qualifications in London and started my career in Milton Keynes working at different fitness centers. Now I work mainly at Halo teaching a variety of classes and working with clients on a one to one basis. Outside of my work I have a passion for cycling and do my own weight training most days.

Besides fitness I love cooking and make and sell a variety of cakes. I love spending time at home with friends and family and love entertaining. 2 years ago I qualified as Master Practitioner in Neuro - linguistic Programming and use these skills in my everyday life and when working with clients.

I love to see people achieve their goals and hopefully I can inspire them to continue with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Diploma in Fitness Instructor
Diploma in Personal Training
Diploma in Sports Therapy 
Diploma in Optimum and Sports Nutrition 
Exercise to Music
NLP- Practitioner
NLP - Master Practitioner
Yoga Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Aqua Instructor
Pilates on the Ball
Body Pump
Reebok Cycle
Step Aerobics
Swedish body Massage
Hot stone Therapy
Level 1 and 2 Reiki 
NLP- Practitioner
NLP - Master Practitioner

Building Muscle
Cardiovascular Training
Circuit Training
Core Strength and Stability
Injury Prevention
Muscle Gains and Toning
Nutritional Advice
Strength Training
Weight Gain
Weight Loss
Pilates and Yoga Work

Nerijus Zukauskas (NJ)


Telephone Reception: 01568 612540
Centre: Leominster Leisure Centre

Looking for total body transformation, getting married, going on holiday or just want to have fun? Train with me for guaranteed results. Remember one thing - no pain no gain… Level 3 personal trainer, body pump, spinning instructor, TRX and Kettlebells certified. One more thing, not going to work hard? Don’t waste your time.

Level 3-  Personal Trainer

Kettlebell Training
TRX Suspension Training
Cardiovascular Training 
Core Strength and Stability


Nick Christian



Telephone Reception: 01568 612540 
Centres: Ledbury Halo Fitness, Leominster Leisure Centre & The Bromyard Centre

Nick has been working in the fitness industry for nearly two years, teaching group exercise classes and training clients individually. Nick believes exercise should be fun, and certainly not boring or repetitive. If you train with Nick, you will find an activity you like, then he will tailor your programme and sessions around you though you will be expected to work hard, as change does not happen without a little bit of effort! Nick's main specialities are high intensity interval training and circuit based boxing training which will burn the calories and improve general fitness and build muscle.

Level 3 in Personal Training
Level 2 in Fitness Instructing
Diploma in Personal Nutrition
Level 2 in Emergency First Aid at Work
Indoor Cycling certified

Boxing Training
Building Muscle
Cardiovascular Training
Circuit Training
Core Strength and Stability
High Intensity Interval Training
Injury Prevention
Nutritional Advice
Weight Loss

This time it’s personal …………Personal Training

Our qualified personal trainers can help you get the most out of even the shortest workout every time you visit Halo. During consultations lasting 30 minutes or an hour, they’ll help you take a fresh look at your goals (be it to run a marathon, manage your weight better, or to get fit after having a baby), develop just the right (and very realistic) programme to suit, and - in a friendly, non-judgemental way - monitor your progress and motivate you to stay on the right path until you’re where you want to be. A brilliant investment in your health and wellbeing.

To book a session simply contact your nearest Halo centre or complete our online form  and we'll be in touch.

30 Minutes £21.60      
60 Minutes £35.00      


"It was after a car crash that I decided to enrol at my local gym. Having not been active in some time, the services of a personal trainer were just want I needed to get going, improve my mobility and especially my confidence. My blood pressure is now within a normal range and best of all I have lost over 3 ½ stone. This year I will run the Race for Life for the first time - something I would never have thought possible without the encouragement of Halo”

- Liz, Halo member

“Pete my Halo personal trainer has been helping me prepare for the biggest challenge of my life - running the London Marathon. It can be very lonely running on your own but my personal trainer keeps my training fresh, coming up with new ideas such as boxing, core and weight training. I have access to his vast knowledge of fitness and he always gives me constructive feedback on my progress. I am now on track for a time of 4 hours”

- Jordan, Halo member



The Right Stuff: Everyday, local people walk into Halo gyms, slip into our pools, or take part in a group exercise class classes for the first time in years, or even the first time ever. We are on a mission to make sure whatever your age or fitness stage, you can build practical steps into your daily routines which we know will make you feel happier and healthier. When you come here and sign up for membership you’ll find:

The Right People: Our experienced and fully qualified fitness professionals will introduce you to a whole range of options to help you to better health and fitness - be it a gym programme or regular swim or water based exercise, low intensity group exercise classes or game of indoor bowls or racket sports. They’ll take into account any ongoing health issues, the time you have to give, and the goals you want to set yourself.

We’ve got a great REPutation!

rep logoOur fitness teams are Registered Exercise Professionals. The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is an international organisation which is dedicated to ensuring fitness professionals work within a recognised Code of Ethical Practice, safeguarding and promoting the health and interests of people using services within the fitness industry.

The Right Place: Each Halo Gym offers the latest, simple to use fitness equipment; air conditioning and entertainment to give you the tools and the goals for a great workout that is safe, supervised and suitable for your age and fitness level. Our sports halls and exercise studios, pools, spas and cafes are perfect for working out and winding down, all with the right people on hand to help you along.

The Right Plan: Halo Fitness Instructors will meet with you to discuss your goals, abilities and requirements, and once you’ve had a look around and tried some options, they’ll tailor a bespoke programme to help you get on your way, whether you want to run a marathon or lose a few pounds or simply improve your general health. Five weeks after joining we’ll review your plan, your progress and ongoing needs...and we can keep reviewing every month.

If group exercise is more your thing then we have a loads of fitness classes for you to enjoy. Go to the page for your nearest Halo centre for a timetable and description of the classes on offer. Need advice on selecting the right class? Just ask a member of our fitness team and we will match you up with the perfect workout.

The Right Price: Check out our membership packags 

Before you start any type of exercise please read our Health Commitment Statement

We are on a mission to promote healthy living, and are seeing local people of all ages build practical steps into their daily routines to help them feel happier and healthier with amazing results.

If your GP recommends you do some exercise, we know that, for you, this can be a worrying time and keeping fit can be challenging. Be assured that our registered exercise professionals will find a regime that’s just right for you and then offer support to gently increase your activity levels and quickly improve your overall health.  

Healthier starts with Halo

If you have a health condition,  at risk of developing chronic disease, or are recovering from an operation or injury and haven't exercised for a long time, your doctor may recommend you start to do some physical activity to improve your health and wellbeing. If you are not used to being regularly physically active,  we can introduce you to exercise which is  fun, rewarding and can be incorporated into everyday life.

Become a Halo member and you will benefit from:

  • One-to-one appointment with a Halo instructor
  • Personalised Activity Plan - to suit your age, ability, current fitness levels, time available
  • Usage of Halo Facilities including our gyms, pools, fitness classes, spa facilties, toning suite and golf facilities
  • Ongoing advice and guidance from a fitness instructor who is experienced and sympathetic to the needs of people who haven't been active for some time

Price: You can pay-as-u-go but a membership offers the best value for money

Remember, concessionary discount is available for full-time students, people with disabilities and anyone aged 65 and over and people on certain means tested benefits.

Want a piece of the action? Click the join button above, Pop into your local Halo centre or contact us and we'll be in touch.