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“The weight kept coming off and I could see the difference in my tummy and legs” Bridgette Bullock, 62.


Who? Busy business owner, who runs her own mobile hairdresser service in Hereford.

Why? I’d been going to Slimming World and lost two stone and as the weight came off I wanted to tone up. I’d seen the toning suite advertised and decided to give it a try. I have arthritis - I had a hip replacement 12 years ago and have always suffered from a bad back - so the supportive nature of the machines in the suite really appealed.

How was it? I loved it. It worked brilliantly for me. The professional trainer in the suite, Wendy, is so supportive and helpful. And I was soon making new friends too. My son, who is 23, tried to persuade me to go to the main gym, but the toning suite is perfect for me so I’m sticking with it.


What happened next? The weight kept coming off and I could see the difference in my tummy and legs. I’ve lost three and a half stone now and 28 inches in all - and I am aiming to lose another half stone before Christmas. It’s taken me a while, but I want to enjoy myself and my food while I am dieting. I still go to Slimming World once a week, and go along to the toning suite three or four times a week for an hour or so after work. It is the ideal way to unwind. I have met so many lovely people who work out at the same time so there’s a social element to it, too. Even better all my sluggishness has gone and after a couple of months I noticed I had less pain and more energy. That is so motivating. I’m doing a 5k walk with some friends this weekend.


This spa-like suite for our state-of-the-art, power-assisted toning machines is perfect for people like Bridgette who want to combine exercise with a weight loss plan. The toning machines are ideal for those with mobility issues - in Bridgette’s case she suffers pain triggered by arthritis - and the Halo team can guide you through the use of each machine so you can be sure you are working out in a way that is beneficial.

We have two toning suites at Halo one in Hereford Leisure Centre and one in Bridgend Life Centre