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Most people are pretty clear about their priorities when it comes to work and family, health and wellbeing. They’d be able to make the right decision when push comes to shove, or when their own or their family’s health is on the line. But truth is, most of the decisions we make when we’re in the whirlwind of our job, home, friendships and more aren’t so clear cut.

That’s when leaving late can become a habit, feeling exhausted so not able to enjoy time out with loved ones on your day off can seem normal, or worrying about work as you climb into bed can start to seem unavoidable.


The week of October 2nd - 6th is National Work Life Week and while it doesn’t promise to solve this global issue, the organisers - Working Families - are collaborating with employers, policy makers, and working people to drive change. And they want to encourage you to take a breath and to think about whether we’re getting the balance right and to talk to our bosses if we’re not. Let us know what you think and what changes you make this year.

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