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We love to see our pools full of happy families at this time of year, but we see, too, the number of children (and adults) who can’t swim and who need to learn. Promoting water safety is one of our missions and we’re proud to deliver thousands of swimming lessons each year.

But in Drowning Prevention Week this month (it kicks off on June 15) we’ll be reminded, again, that over 700 people drown in the UK and Ireland each year (that’s equivalent to one person every 20 hours), and hundreds more have shocking near-drowning experiences, often when they go from pool to open water swimming in rivers, lakes and the sea. In fact drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in children in the UK.

This is the month to help change that. We are inviting parents to sign their children up for a FREE swimming skills assessment in one of our pools so we can gauge - in a relaxed, friendly forum - how strong they are in water, and what help they might need. And we’re promoting our adult swim sessions, now enjoyed by scores of adults who are finding their feet (and discovering swimming skills) through our relaxed, in-depth pool-based classes.

This special, super important awareness campaign sees Halo getting behind the Royal Life Saving Society UK (this year running the campaign in partnership with the RNLI and Swim England) to raise awareness of the dangers of water and to give people the knowledge and the swimming skills to avoid them. Please please sign up to one of our initiatives and help us make the change we want to see. And for more information about water safety visit

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