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Did you know that one man in ten now has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and that the incidence among middle aged men is expected to triple in the next 30 years? Did you know that men are more likely to be overweight and more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes (and associated complications), especially at a younger age? But did you know that men are less likely to realise they are overweight, talk about their weight, or seek out weight management programmes to help?

It’s facts and figures like these - and the figures of men around us - that is behind this year’s Men’s Health Week (June 11 - 17). The organisers, the Men’s Health Forum, know 4.5 million people in the UK are living with diabetes (about one million of them undiagnosed), with 700 cases being diagnosed each day. And they know men are more at risk so are calling for a prevention programme that is designed and delivered to reach them more effectively. At the same time Diabetes UK are using this week - their own awareness campaign - to get people talking about diabetes, with their families, GP, and with people like us.

Halo are right behind both campaigns and want to start new, important conversations about weight. No guilt. No guesswork. Just a good way to move forward with  weight management. We see every day how regular activity has an impact (directly on weight, and by encouraging healthier eating). We know a raised BMI (indicating you are overweight or obese) directly impacts on risk of diabetes and that men with a raised waist circumference are five times more likely to have diagnosed diabetes than those without. We want to work with you to make sure you're not at risk. At our fitness assessments we can check your weight and BMI and work with you to get it to and keep it at a healthy level.

Ready to get moving, or encourage the men in your life along to Halo to make a start? You can download a brilliant free booklet to tell you more about diabetes and the risk to men, visit to join the conversation (on social media use the hashtag #talkaboutdiabetes), or speak to one of our fitness professionals about your weight and how you can start to get it to a healthy level today. Together we can make a difference.


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