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It’s time to freshen up your fitness - Workout Programme Reviews now available at Bridgend Life Centre

Book your free BODITRAX assessment and Fitness Activity Plan today

Some gym members at Bridgend Life Centre have their fitness programme stored on their halo membership card. From 1st April a change to our system means you will no longer be able to access this information on the card. 

So we are offering you a complimentary BODITRAX assessment which gives classic measurements like your fat and muscle mass as well as ratings of bone mass or visceral fat (that’s the deep fat that is wrapped around your major organs). It also tells you that all important figure - your metabolic age - ie what age your body is functioning at.  

Our fitness instructors will use this insight to develop a brand new personal Fitness Activity Plan for you to make sure every minute you work out is making the positive difference you want.

This service is part of your membership entitlement so there is no charge for this 1-1 expert advice and guidance. Book your BODITRAX and Fitness Activity Plan today with one of the gym team or at reception.