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Black Friday at Halo benefits you and your families health, as well as your pocket. Find out more about our three Black Friday offers...

Offer 1- 50% off a Halo activity birthday party - that really is the icing on the cake! Let your kids climb, splash or bounce around with friends - you just sit back, take photos, and store away some lovely memories. Check out our range of parties (pool, activity and indoor soft play) below but don't forget you need to book at your local centre on Black Friday (Friday 24th November) to secure your discount.




Bridgend County


Offer 2-Start your Christmas shopping and save with 20% off all zoggs swim products and 30% off Zoggs Swimwear on Black Friday at your local Halo pool. Now’s your chance to get that pair of goggles, float or toys your little one has been eyeing up every week during their swimming lessons.

Offer 3- FREE MyZone fitness tracking device worth £49.99 when you kick start your new year's resolution early by taking out a complete Halo membership at Hereford Leisure Centre and Leominster Leisure Centre on Black Friday. MYZONE® is a tracking device that rewards EFFORT for all physical activity both inside and outside of the leisure centres. The MYZONE® physical activity belt displays HEART RATE, EFFORT LEVEL and CALORIES in real time, whilst automatically storing all exercise, goals and results in a personalised online profile. Want a piece of the action? Pop into your local Halo Centre on Friday 24th November to secure this special offer. Find your local Halo centres contact number here.


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