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It’s not only the first choice of the famous (David Beckham, Russell Brand, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and others among them), it’s become the favourite for a lot of our members looking for mind and body wellness. This ancient form of exercise focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. You may not be moving fast but you will feel the benefits - less stress, more focus, better sleep, improved strength and flexibility - and once you do you won’t want to miss your weekly session.

Our yoga instructor from Ross Swimming Pool Amanda has giving us some reasons why you should come along to one of our yoga classes across Halo.

What are the benefits of yoga? There is no area of life that yoga cannot positively influence. From breathing techniques to quiet an overactive mind to physical postures that will alleviate digestive problems or improve or eliminate back pain. Emotional imbalances can be calmed and an all round increase in fitness levels, flexibility and profound strength noticed.

Can anyone do yoga? Yoga is an excellent class suitable for everyone of all abilities. Yoga is not a fitness activity, it is a practice that over time takes you deep into an already existing place of serenity and calm inside. Who doesn't need more of that in life?

What should you bring? The class is usual performed in bare feet or at most sticky bottomed toe socks, I also recommend you bring some water. There will always be a deep relaxation or "Yoga Nidra" at the end to reset the body's Circadian rhythm you have an option of bring a blanket for that.

When are the classes? You can view all centres class timetable here Members can book online up to 14 days in advance and non members 8 days in advance online anyone can book 7 days in advance in centre or over the phone.