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We are on a mission to promote healthy living, and are seeing local people of all ages build practical steps into their daily routines to help them feel happier and healthier with amazing results.

If your GP recommends you do some exercise, we know that, for you, this can be a worrying time and keeping fit can be challenging. Be assured that our registered exercise professionals will find a regime that’s just right for you and then offer support to gently increase your activity levels and quickly improve your overall health.  

Healthier starts with Halo

If you have a health condition,  at risk of developing chronic disease, or are recovering from an operation or injury and haven't exercised for a long time, your doctor may recommend you start to do some physical activity to improve your health and wellbeing. If you are not used to being regularly physically active,  we can introduce you to exercise which is  fun, rewarding and can be incorporated into everyday life.

What you will get:

  • One-to-one appointment with a specially trained instructor
  • Personalised Fitness Plan - to suit your age, ability, current fitness levels, time available
  • Usage of Halo Facilities including our gyms, pools, fitness classes, racket sport courts and golf facilities
  • Ongoing advice and guidance from a fitness supervisor who is experienced and sympathetic to the needs of people who haven't been active for some time

You can pay-as-u-go but a membership offers the best value for money


Remember, concessionary discount is available for full-time students, people with disabilities and anyone aged 65 and over and people on certain means tested benefits.

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NHS Health Check referrals to the Healthy Weight Management Programme and Activity Programmes

Halo and  your NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check programme is for anyone aged between 40 and 74 and is designed to identify your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases including heart and kidney disease, stroke and diabetes over the next 10 years. If your risk measures 20 per cent or more you can benefit from:

  • a complimentary gym and swimming pass so you can enjoy FREE use of Halo Leisure facilities
  • Healthy Weight Management programme combining weekly weigh-ins with advice, guidance and activity to help you manage your weight
  • Individual Activity Programme to help you incorporate exercise into your life in a way that suits your lifestyle and physical condition.

On both programmes you’ll receive a programme workbook which is packed with exercises, ideas and information to support you through and after the programme. You’ll also benefit from one-to-one consultations.

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What Halo clients are saying about our health schemes

'I cannot praise the Healthy Lifestyles Programme enough. It has been so beneficial and the Halo team are excellent. I will be taking a membership out after my knee operation.'

‘Very happy with the Weight Management Course. I’m signed up and I am getting my husband to sign up too!’

‘I was very happy with the course. It was great fun. I will certainly continue exercising'

‘I loved this programme so much - everyone was brilliant. I didn’t think I would ever be a gym member but I’ve signed up!’


Before you start any type of exercise please read our Health Commitment Statement