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This time it’s personal …………. Personal Training


Our qualified personal trainers can help you get the most out of even the shortest workout every time you visit Halo. During consultations lasting 30 minutes or an hour, they’ll help you take a fresh look at your goals (be it to run a marathon, manage your weight better, or to get fit after having a baby), develop just the right (and very realistic) programme to suit, and - in a friendly, non-judgemental way - monitor your progress and motivate you to stay on the right path until you’re where you want to be. A brilliant investment in your health and wellbeing. 

60 Minutes £29.50      



What our members are saying about personal training:

“It was after a car crash that I decided to enrol at my local gym. Having not been active in some time, the services of a personal trainer were just want I needed to get going, improve my mobility and my confidence. My blood pressure is now within a normal range and best of all I have lost over 3 ½ stone. This year I will run the Race for Life for the first time - something I would never have thought possible without the encouragement of Halo.” Liz, Halo member

“Pete, my Halo personal trainer, has been helping me prepare for the biggest challenge of my life - running the London Marathon. It can be very lonely running on your own but my personal trainer keeps my training fresh, coming up with new ideas such as boxing, core and weight training. I have access to his vast knowledge of fitness and he always gives me constructive feedback on my progress. I am now on track for a time of 4 hours.” Jordan, Halo member


Ready to make the change?

For more information or to book your first session, please contact our reception team on 01656 678890.