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Halo teamed up with organisations across this county to launch Halo Sports Stars, one of the most comprehensive sports projects for children in the region designed specially for 3 to 11 year olds. This programme is going to be all about friendship and fun and learning new skills such as how to rock climb, ride a bike, play rugby or cheerlead, trampoline or do gymnastics (the list goes on - there are as many as 15 different options).

We want children to realise how much fun sport can be, and how much they can individually achieve - so all sports will be run and supervised in a very supportive but non-competitive environment. We know sport can open up opportunities for friendships and fitness and new-found and very healthy passions for the future if it's introduced to children in the right way. We're also delighted that we've been able to team up with sports professionals from outside Halo - including ballet schools, local sports clubs and the Welsh Rugby Union - to deliver such a full and exciting schedule.

 Sports Stars activities run throughout the day (for pre-schoolers) and after school and at weekends at all Halo centres. We are beavering away putting together the latest timetable of exciting activities. Please visit again soon or keep up to date with Halo facebook.


Indoor Climbing at Bridgend Life Centre

Halo Heights indoor climbing wall at Bridgend Life Centre is an exciting and exhilarating activity for all the family. With over 20 routes to choose from, it offers fun physical and mental challenges for adults and children (7+). The climbs are ever changing so there will always be a fresh challenge every time you visit!

Indoor climbing ROCKS:

  • It encourages physical activity. People, especially young people, who dislike the competitive nature of other forms of sport enjoy the personal challenge and sense of achievement inherent in an indoor climb.
  • It develops balance, hand eye co-ordination, teamwork and communication skills.
  • It encourages social interaction.
  • It provides a technical challenge requiring concentration, problem solving and quick thinking.
5pm - 6.30pm  
7pm - 8.30pm
Ages 7+
£5.50 per session.

Run, Jump, Throw at Bridgend Life Centre

Thursday 4.00pm - 4.45pm (3-6yrs), 4.45pm - 5.30pm (7-11yrs)

Price £3.90 per session

The Run, Jump & Throw Club (RJT) is a programme designed to give children an opportunity to discover and participate in Athletics activities all year round.

The RJT is tailored to suit children of all skill levels from beginners and less experienced youngsters up to those who have already taken part in introductory athletics programmes, holiday courses or local junior competitions.

The RJT programme offers children a wide variety of Athletics events and techniques, and focuses on the FUNdamental movement skills, important in every child's development. 


Bridgend Life Centre